Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Visit to Minnesota

Celia's music teacher, Jeremy, "lives" in our computer.  Actually, he lives in Minnesota.  She's been taking lessons with him via MacPhail Online and Skype for three years now, but they have never actually met in person.  Our path on our summer trip has taken us to a much-anticipated stop in Minneapolis, and today she had a much-anticipated in-person lesson with him.

I'm surprised she didn't explode waiting for him to finish with the student before her.

She said even though it was only an hour that they played together, she learned so much!  The biggest thing was being able to work side-by-side, instead of trying to mirror each other on the screen.  He adjusted some of her posture and holds, and just the small tweaks made a big difference.  They also began work on pieces for her next jury evaluation.

She's already asking when can we come back to Minnesota for another lesson!  Someday - or maybe for a jury recital, depending on scheduling.  In the meantime, they have a standing "date" for Tuesday afternoons at their desks.

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