Friday, January 2, 2015

Favorites of 2014: Top 5 Recipes

365 breakfasts stumbled through.

365 lunches eaten.

365 dinners devoured.

I gave up counting snacks.  Anybody else have bottomless pit children boys?  Even the younger ones are giving the big guys a run for their money -- as I write this, Jude asked me, "Did I eat lunch? I forget!"  (Answer, "Yes, you did, but if you're hungry, you can have a snack.") 

Luke decided to add Home Ec to his courseload, and took on more of the cooking this year.  He's working on expanding his repertoire of cooking techniques and recipes.  Slowly he's learning how to transfer concepts - braising pork ribs in barbeque sauce isn't much different than chicken simmered in tomato sauce.  Keep an eye out in 2015 for more recipes with his signature graphic - you'll know the recipe is teen boy-approved.

We're especially excited for Celia and Damien.  Celia has two new safe foods to start 2015 with, and Damien has one.  Our ingredient list is still limited, but it's time to be creative again.  I'm looking forward to the challenge of creating lots of variety out of just 5 ingredients to cook with!

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen this year cooking up new things. Here's a list of our 5 favorite recipes from 2014.  Bon Appetit!

1.  Tiramisu

This one is so good.  Since Luke developed this recipe, I've had a tiramisu or two at a few restaurants, and honestly -- I think I like his best!

2.  Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

These are Celia's new favorites.  I can't make them quickly enough to keep up!  They have only a few ingredients -- coconut, molasses, and chocolate -- and pantry-to-plate time is less than 15 minutes.

3.  Pioneer Fried Chicken

One thing Neal missed since his Celiac diagnosis was fried chicken.  Since Teen Boys cannot live on Tiramisu alone, Luke used what he learned of the prairie-crossing pioneers and their workhorse cast iron skillet to develop this gluten and dairy free recipe that is every bit as good as that famous Colonel's.

4.  Hot Cross Buns! Hot Cross Buns!

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns!

Jude learned to play the piano this year, and one of the first songs he learned was...Hot Cross Buns.  We made these gluten/dairy free buns to celebrate.  They are perfect for Good Friday...or any Friday!

5. Lemon Honey Cupcakes

Can you tell we have lots of sweet teeth here?  These cuppies have a tart, lemony frosting that counters the sweet honey cake. We made them to celebrate Rosh Hashannah, but they're gobbled up any day that we make them!

Here's to 2015!  In the words of favorite chef Jacques P├ępin:  Happy Cooking!

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  1. Oh my goodness, salivating over here!!

    That tiramisu looks fabulous! I can see why these are some favourites.

    Thanks so much for sharing and for linking this post up to the #SHINEbloghop!

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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