Thursday, December 11, 2014

MacPhail Online Virtual Recital

Two summers ago, we were blessed with an opportunity to do the Crew review of MacPhail's online music program.  Celia fell in love with the program, and we decided to continue with it, in addition to her regular "in person" lessons at school.  She continued with it over this past summer again, and it was a wonderful way for her to keep her skills up and even progress forward.  Miss Kim, her school violin teacher, couldn't believe how much she learned over the summer.

Because of her MacPhail lessons, she has had lots of opportunities to play her violin at school.   This holiday season, she was asked to participate in the evening Christmas Show prelude, and is playing with another student at the upcoming school Christmas prayer service.  She's practiced intently for several weeks now and did a wonderful job at the show.

MacPhail also offers opportunities for their students to perform.  In the past, it's been limited to those who live in the Minneapolis area and take in-person classes.  This year, MacPhail's directors decided to try something new - a Virtual Recital.  Students were asked to choose a piece of music and record themselves playing with it.  MacPhail then compiled them into a virtual concert.

MacPhail Online's first Virtual Recital

Celia enjoyed seeing the other students play, and was amazed to see there were students from all over the world taking part!  Plus, the virtual recital was perfect for far-flung relatives to be able to see her play (even Aunt Jo and Uncle Brendan in Australia could see her.)

I hope you'll take a few minutes to watch the students in the virtual recital.  We are proud of all of them!   Click on the image below to take your seat!

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