Friday, March 10, 2017

Abandon (five minute friday)

Abandon is a word that goes to extremes.  You can either do something with abandon - gleefully, joyfully, without care - or abandon something or someone, leaving guilt and feelings of loss in your wake

I was kicking ideas around for this post, and decided to find a image while I thought.  When I saw this,  I knew it was the right one for this post.

 It reminded me of Mary Poppins -- a balance of the word abandon.  She taught abandon to the abandoned, then in turn abandoned the children so they could be loved by their father with abandon.

And then because my brain likes to wander off on tangent patterns, it picked up the "ing to on" thread and I had the Prayer of St. Francis pop into my mind.

-to be understood to understand
-to pardon to be bardoned
-in giving we receive
-in dying we're born to Eternal Life.

Back on topic, in abandoning life, we're born into joyful abandon. Back to the image, abandoning an idea that becomes too encompassing leads to a new relationship.

So it's not that abandoning is bad, it's what we abandon.  It's balancing the extremes, and finding the abandoning that can lead to abandon.


Five Minute Friday is a weekly event. Our hostess, Kate chooses a single word to start the free-writing process - this week, it's abandon. It's not about revising your thoughts to perfection, it's about taking 5 minutes to just put it all out there. New writers and readers are always welcome.

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