Monday, February 13, 2017

It's finally the first day of spring (training)!

Our family will mark the year with four seasons, but we follow a slightly different calendar.  We celebrate Spring Training, Baseball, World Series, and Waiting for Spring Training.  Last spring, when I told Luke had to write a research paper on any American pop culture topic.  After touring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Graceland, I thought he'd choose music styles.  Nope -- he chose Baseball.

And what is a Coast-to-Coast tour of America without a ball game?  It took us a few batters to remember that while we were still rooting for the team in red and white, they were the Cardinals.  (Celia let out a few "Let's go, Phillies!!" out of habit.)

We couldn't wait for "Waiting for Spring Training" to be over to celebrate baseball.  We toured Yankee Stadium over Thanksgiving Weekend to get our baseball fix.

It was cold, but we were content. We could wait a little longer for the Phillies.

Today is the first day of Spring Training -- it's Pitchers and Catchers Day! It's not quite the traditional  "Charge Theme," but Jude chose a pretty good piano piece to practice today: Baseball Days.

Damien's ready to root for the home team, too.  Even if I'm being a meanie and making him do his math first.  Math is important -- how else are you going to be able to figure out a pitcher's ERA, or how many more home runs until your favorite player is the all-time leader?

 Happy Spring (Training) to our friends!  Go Phillies!

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