Saturday, December 10, 2016

What's Happening Here (Week of Dec. 10)

Writer's block is not fun, especially when you like to write.  I've had "Write blog update" on my planner for probably two weeks now, but I just can't seem to get words from my head to my fingers.   I have a list of ideas to write about, but when I have a moment to sit and write, I just think..."Eh...not feeling it."  I have plenty to share -- pictures from our trip this past summer, some things we've done during schooltime, and even some random things, but somehow they never seem to make it to here.  It's been a busy season for us:

Celia played in the Rowan Youth String Orchestra concert in early December.

Matthew has also fully taken over for Luke as the Work-Study student for our Lilla Rose business.  He's worked a few indoor craft/vendor fairs, and one home boutique.  He's been dubbed "Guy Friday II" and is  looking forward to the spring when outdoor events start up -- he got a "how to put up the tent" demo from Luke and is itching to try it out.

Jude and Damien are looking forward to Christmas break.  (I think we all are!)  We've kept up with some of our regular subjects, but swapped out our usual Bible Study for a Christmas study, and our "fun" project has been a lapbook about the Clement C. Moore poem, "The Night Before Christmas".

We're starting to get the house ready for Christmas.  The stockings have been hung and the tree is standing and lit (ornaments are on this week's agenda).  Big brothers come in handy!

Two weeks until Christmas!

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