Friday, October 9, 2015

Random 5 on Friday - October 9

I rarely write about Neal here...usually I'm so busy focusing on the boys and school that I forget that we are a homeschool family.  Since it's our 18th wedding anniversary this weekend, I thought I'd share a bit about how our family began.

1.  Neal and I met at Temple University.  We met over the then new-fangled school intranet.  When you registered for a school account, you got to pick a screen name. Mine was super-creative.  I chose "meg" -- you'd think an arts major would have a little more creativity.  He chose "spawn", the name of a less-popular comic book series. I happened to know it because a high school friend collected those.  I impressed him with my knowledge, virtually introducing myself and saying "Is that Spawn, like the comic book?" That was about all I knew, so thankfully he didn't ask me detailed questions about the series!

2.  Our first date was on May 11, 1995. The next day, he came to a family party.  After meeting him, my grandmother embarrassed the daylights out of my by saying I should marry him.  Gram must have had inside information -- May 11 was her wedding anniversary.

3.  We took only one class together in college.  He was a business major, and I studied Theater and English.  There was only one writing class that both of us could take as an elective.  I wish I could say it was a super-interesting class, but in reality...I think we wrote more wedding planning notes than class notes.  We both got As though. 

4. Neal's mom is a convert to Catholicism from Judaism. When we decided on a wedding date, we originally wanted to get married in September 1997. Unfortunately, my church was booked every Saturday, unless we wanted a 10 am wedding.  We definitely wanted late afternoon (his family was coming from about an hour away), so we pushed it back to October 11. It wasn't until about three months before the wedding that I realized we had chosen the afternoon of Yom Kippur to get married.  His family loves him...we had quite a few Jewish relatives attend the Mass.

5. We both love theater, especially musicals.  Sometimes we even converse in song lyrics.   Although we didn't take the class together, we both took the same Theater class. We're also both big Billy Joel fans.  Someday, we'll make it to a concert and he'll play our wedding dance song, "To Make You Feel My Love." 

Happy anniversary, honey!  I love you!

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