Friday, June 26, 2015

2015 Road Trip, Day 5 - Time Travel Birthdays

 Today was a busy day!  We drove into Lexington and met Mrs. Jessica and Isaac at the Mary Todd Lincoln house.  We also met my friend Mrs. Kandi, another person I've known from Kids with Food Allergies for almost ten years who lives in my computer.  We had so much fun!

When we arrived, we were waiting for Mrs. Kandi, so we walked over to a farmer's market.  Luke has been trained well - he started taking pictures of boxes to send to Neal. 

Jude bought some blueberries (his favorite fruit) for lunch.  I have to say, these tasted different from Jersey blueberries.

After getting our wiggles out, we headed back to the Mary Todd Lincoln house.  Unfortunately, there were too many of us to take the next tour, so we booked a 3 pm tour and headed to Ashland, the home of Henry Clay.  It was perfect timing, because a storm blew through and the heavens opened just as we buckled into the cars.

 By the time the tour was over, the skies had cleared so we pulled our picnics from the car and had lunch.  The boys enjoyed playing in the park around Ashland.

You can't see how filthy the rest of Damien was.

After a wipe down (yay baby wipes!), we headed back to the Mary Todd Lincoln house.  We really enjoyed this stop.  Mary Todd is fascinating, and there are so many parallels (politically) with Martha Washington before her, and Eleanor Roosevelt after.  Most of the items in the house are "period" but very few are original.  One item that is original is this staircase and banister -- you can walk in the footsteps and "hold hands" with Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln.

 After the tour, I had a car full of thirsty travelers, so we went to Sonic!  YAY Strawberry Limeade...and cherry coke, slushes, root beer and just plain old ice (for the tubey kids).

Back to Mrs. Jessica and Isaac's house.  Every time Luke posts a new recipe in his Real Men Make Quiche series, she tries to convince him to run away from home and come live with her.  Tonight he cooked dinner.

 After dinner, we time traveled to Isaac and Jude's birthdays - both boys will be 8 in a few weeks.  This way, they could each go to the others' birthday party!  We decided that since you never see superheroes and their alter egos at the same time, Spiderman was a perfect theme. 

After cake, we traveled back to "today."

 We were sad to say "See you later!" to our friends, because we're really going to miss them.  If schedules work out, we may get to see them one last time tomorrow after our day trip to where Abraham Lincoln was born.  If not, hopefully it won't be two more years until we see them again!

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