Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 on the 5th - February 2015

 Five on the Fifth for February Fifteen -- try saying THAT ten times fast!  I enjoy reading blogs as much as I enjoy writing here, so I'm sharing my five favorite reads from other bloggers this past month!

 1.  All I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Musicals from JENerally Informed

A light-hearted look at musicals and the lessons they teach us. I would add to her list The Wizard of Oz - because let's face it, the right shoes will open doors!

2. My Totally Selfish Reason for Taking My Kids to Disney from Oh Honestly

I loved this post.  We are HUGE Disney fans  (and let's just say one of the boys was a stowaway souvenir from there and Elias was on the short list for a middle name).  I have LOVED being there at all ages and seeing how the kids reacted - from several infants wide eyes at the sea of people to the time Jude shared his cereal with an unsuspecting Princess Aurora to a little girl wanting to BE Princess Aurora.  Not long ago, Jude spent half an hour sobbing in frustration because he wanted to see a particular show and it took us nearly twice that to figure out what he was saying, and then promptly crawled in my lap and fell asleep from the effort.  (Yes, I woke him up in time to see "The Beast show with the candle guy," and Beauty and the Beast Live is now a must-see every trip.)

3.  10 Ways to Live in the Moment from Vibrant Homeschooling

It's easy to get caught up in the big picture and lose sight of right now.  These are some great ideas for not getting overwhelmed - my favorite is to remember to break things down into small, manageable chunks.

4.  Low Carb/Sugar Free Chocolate Coconut Bars from the Nourished Caveman

With a bit of tweaking for Celia, we've turned these into one of her favorite treats, and a yummy way to get her daily dose of coconut!  (It's looking like she's going to get to keep coconut as a safe food!  WOOO!!)

5. H is for How to Get There from Through the Calm and Through the Storm

I'm loving Cristi's "Years Ago" series where she shares stories from her family.  She's not chronicling  the big-event tales, but is sharing the smaller, more easily overlooked memories.  This installment is a memory from when the Air Force sent her family to Germany and they wanted to take advantage of being able to travel through Europe in their free time.

Come on over to Ben and Me to join the party!

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