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Favorites of 2014: Top 5 Field Trips

Favorite #FieldTrips of 2014

One of our favorite ways to learn is to experience!  We love field trips - they get us out of the classroom (house) and often right into history.  I'm still trying to share about our fantastic trips from last summer and fall - we were really blessed to explore Central/Western Maryland and PA, New England, and to do a large loop of the Northeast when our family came to visit last fall.  When you plan field trips, make sure not to discount whimsy -- one of our favorite stops on the fall trip was to visit Punxsutawney Phil!  These are some of our favorite destinations.

1. George Washington's Mount Vernon

Field trip - George Washington's Mount Vernon

The staff at Mount Vernon has done a beautiful job of maintaining the house with original and period furnishings.  We enjoyed the house, the grounds, and the beautiful views - it's easy to see why Washington just wanted to go home and be a gentleman farmer.  Plus - we were delightfully surprised by the welcome film hosted by Pat Sajak!

2. Boston Public Garden & The Make Way For Ducklings Statues

Trip to Boston Garden and Make Way for Ducklings

This was a lovely hour spent in Boston when we visited last summer.  In a town filled with some heavy-duty history, it was a whimsical, hands-on stop that brought the timeless story Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey come alive for Jude.

3. Fort McHenry, Baltimore MD

Trip to Fort McHenry MD

 When we planned our big history trip last summer, this was a last-minute add-on.  We were heading to our hotel in Hagerstown, MD, and I gave Luke the task of finding a half-way point for us to take a break.  He chose Fort McHenry because of a reason I hadn't realized -- not only was it a key fortress during the War of 1812, but it also served as a Civil War prison!

4. U-Pick Farms

Pick Your Own Farms in south NJ

Fruit and vegetables don't just magically appear in supermarkets!  It's fun to see where your food comes from and to pick it yourself.   This list is some great PYO farms in southern New Jersey, but check online for your area. Odds are good, there's a farm not that far from you.  (And don't wait until fall - you might be surprised what spring crops are available!)

5.   Trail Hike Tips

tips for Trail Hikes

We found we really enjoyed our hiking this summer.  Important things we learned: wear sturdy shoes, we won't melt in the rain, and the view is totally worth the climb.

These two "bonus" posts are among my favorites as well. They're more about planning the trip than being on a trip, but are tips that made our trips much more enjoyable. 

Eating on a Vacation: the "Hotel Picnic"

Meal ideas for vactioning in a small hotel suite

Tips for Surviving the Gift Shop

tips for surviving the gift shop

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