Sunday, October 12, 2014

Philadelphia - A Hub of World Culture

Philadelphia and the surrounding area is well known being steeped in American history.  From the State House that hosted the Continental Congresses to Father Judge High School Vietnam Memorial, Philadelphia holds some of the greatest range "American" history landmarks. However, Philadelphia's American pride isn't so egocentric that we exclude the cultures that make this nation such a melting pot. Here's a list of some places we've visited (or put on our bucket list) with an international flavor!

1.  Shofusu - Japan

Friends of the Japanese House and Garden via Wikimedia Commons

Shofuso is the Japanese cultural center located in Fairmount Park.   This house and garden hosts   traditional tea ceremonies, as well as cultural exhibitions from April until October.

 2.  The American Swedish Museum - Sweden

This museum cannot be found near the main historical and museum districts, but rather tucked by itself in South Philadelphia.  It is the oldest Swedish-American museum in the United States, and was founded in 1926.  The Museum is located on land that was once part of a 17th-century land grant from Queen Christina of Sweden to colonist Sven Skute.  

Just across the Delaware River in New Jersey is the town of Swedesboro, settled in the 1600s as part of the New Sweden colony.  The oldest surviving log cabin in the United States, the C. A. Nothnagle home, exists there.  (Tours by reservation only.)

3.  Chinatown - China

Chinatown is just north of the heart of Center City, and one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Philadelphia.  Settled by Cantonese immigrants in the 19th century, boasts a community arts center, some of the best (and most authentic) Chinese restaurants, and the iconic China Gate.

3.  Awbury Arboretum - England

Awbury was the summer home of the Cope family.  Built by Henry Cope, a Quaker shipping merchant, it was named for the family's ancestral town in England.  The estate is laid out in an English landscape garden style and is dedicated to providing visitors with an active learning center.

4. Bucks County Playhouse   - Monaco

Perhaps a bit of a stretch, but what better culture of ALL the world is there than a theater?  While the city of Philadelphia is home to over a score of theaters, this one is about an hour north of the city.  While a world-renowned playhouse in its own right, another bit of its history is that a young Grace Kelly trod the boards in 1949.  Miss Kelly later became a real-life Princess - Princess Grace of Monaco.

 5.  Rodin Museum - France

This indoor/outdoor museum on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway house largest non-Parisian collection of Auguste Rodin's sculptures. 


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  1. More stuff my hubby would love.

  2. Looks like some very amazing places you have visited. I was in Philadelphia a long time ago and there are so many neat things to so. I would really love to take the kids to see some of the Historical sights. The American Swedish Museum sounds really fascinating.


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