Friday, September 5, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - September 5th

Normally on Fridays I pull all the random things from our week together to share.  This go-around, Jude totally preempts with the insightful but crazy things he's said this week.   I love this kid!

1.  He's very concerned that he won't be able to learn everything because his brain isn't big enough.  I told him the more he learned, the more his head would grow.  After every activity, he asked "Is it bigger yet?  Mommy, you must be a genius because your head is like a giant, only you don't live up a beanstalk."

2.  Upon seeing a donation jar with a few "starter" coins: "Hey!  I have some of those at home in my money collection." 

3. Working on phonics, listening for ending sounds.  The sound was /v/, the word was love.  Jude's commentary: "Love is gross. And it hurts."

4. When called to the table to start his work: "You made me stop playing video games to do schoolwork. I wish you would stop doing that."

5.  Going to bed after a frustrating evening: "I'm a stupid genius."

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