Saturday, May 17, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - May 16

 Note: This post contains affiliate links.  Every Lilla Rose purchase from our business gives Luke more economics homework -- pile it on!

Happy Friday! It's the weekend!!

1.  I didn't get a chance to share last week, so my first random sharing is actually from last week.  Matthew & Celia's school sponsored a Coach Bag Bingo, and we donated a basket with Lilla Rose products.  We included Flexis, a scarf, and a gift certificate.  Jude wanted to help with the cellophane wrap -- he's a mean hairdryer wielder!

Mom and I also went to play.  We brought our little "good luck" charms (the bear on the left is hers, Stuffy (from Doc McStuffins) was mine, but they weren't for sharing luck.  Oh well -- but we had a great time anyway! 

2. For Mother's Day, we went plant shopping!  I decided I wanted to go to one of Neal's farmers' markets.  We headed up to Tabernacle, NJ and came home with a trunk full of tomato, green bean, melon, and herb plants.

I spent the rest of the day playing in the dirt, and got everything planted.  My bean plants are already double the size they were last week! I really hope I get some great stuff this summer -- and enough tomatoes to put up.  Neal will probably have to buy me a couple of cases from farmers, but we're almost out of the tomatoes I put up last year!

3. Our strawberry plants have started producing berries!  Damien helped himself to the first one of the season!

 4.  Neal and the big kids went to the Phillies-Angels game this week.  They got to see Mike Trout play.  He's a local guy who plays for the Angels, and has really done a lot to help support our school.  Recently he came to the school and the students got to meet him -- he's such a nice guy! The Phils lost (again!) but they had a good time at the game.  There was also a Home & School meeting the same night that I had to miss.  Judging by how many ECA students were at the game, I think maybe the meeting should have been held there!

5.  Jude has a new bedtime "stall."  It goes like this.

Tell joke:  "What do you call a cow with no legs?  Ground beef!!"
Collapse into giggles.
Compose himself.

Luke's response:

"What do you call a cow with no legs?  Nothing -- he's not going to come when he's called anyway."

Thank you!  We'll be here all week!  Try the veal...the chicken still has his feet and crossed the road, so that's all we got!

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  1. Loved reading your random 5! Thanks for sharing!


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