Friday, April 4, 2014

Random Five - April 4

The best part of this week is having had Tuesday to stay home from the hospital!  Jude was discharged from PT and OT for the summer (he's made some fantastic progress), so we only had to go to therapy on Thursday.  That alone made it a great week, but we still had other fun!

1.  Celia had her BFF for a sleepover on Friday night.  On Saturday afternoon, Neal and I took them out to lunch.  On the way home, we thought it was awful quiet in the back.  I saw this:

2. Karate class whooped Matthew this week.

3.  Jude spilled a little juice.  Waste not, want not?

 4.  This was week 6 of the little boys' pool group.  The instructor is also our Physical Therapist.  She said she should have made Luke a certificate, too - one to celebrate Damien didn't drown!

5.  Neal, Luke & Matthew went to see Captain America.  Jude was disappointed he was too little, so instead we made popcorn and watched a movie at home.  He got to choose which one, and opted for Toy Story 3. 
(Yes, that's a colander/strainer instead of a lid.  This way the popcorn stays in, but steam comes out and doesn't make it soggy)!

What random things happened in your week? Come share at The Pebble Pond!

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