Friday, March 28, 2014

Random Five on Friday - March 28

 I am so, so tired this week.  It has just totally kicked my rear.  Ever have one of those weeks (months, years, lifetimes) where you really did do a lot, but have nothing to show for it?  Yeah, that was this week.  This weekend is going to be just as hectic.  We need to wipe down the living room walls so we can repaint before our new furniture gets here.  I can't wait for the new paint.  I'm not sure I'm totally sold on the color, but it's a deep hunter green, versus the flaming orange we have now.  It was bright and bold when we painted seven years ago, and I liked it then, but when you have four kids with hyperactive ADHD and one little apple not falling far from the tree...yeah, I'm curious to see if there is something to mood and color and if a blue-undertone green really calms people down.  

Random thoughts on this week:

1.  I'll post more about it in the next week when the final reports come in, but I am so excited that Jude has been discharged from physical therapy and occupational therapy until after his birthday in August.  The plan is to take a break and see how he does on his own - either solidifying skills he has now, or moving forward on his own.  He's done incredibly well and made huge gains, but frankly, right now I'm glad to have one less road trip each week to make!

2.  Reviews are in full swing.  Last weekend I went to redo the whiteboard where I keep everything scheduled, and found this.

So I erased it down, re-organized, and then came home today to find this.

current TOS crew reviews

It appears we have a bit of a battle...

3.  Neal wandered by the study the other night, and had to take a picture of Luke skyping with his Spanish teacher...

Skyping with Homeschool Spanish Academy

4.  This was him another night, writing a blog post on Lewis and Clark.

His "Thinking Cap"?

5.  Jude is starting to read numbers on street and road signs.  He has a good grasp of two-digit numbers, but still struggles with reading three-digit routes.  For example, he reads Route 322 as "32-2" rather than "3-22." We're working on reading it as "hundreds-tens-ones."  But he was adamant that this sign was wrong.

40 does not come after 47.  48 if you're counting forwards, 46 if you're going backwards.  But 40 is the WRONG number.  I didn't bother telling him that it was one piece of road with two numbers...I think his head would have exploded.

Have a great weekend!

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