Sunday, March 2, 2014

Five Crafts from Upcycled Cans

Five #Crafts using #upcycled cans

Ben and Me's Blogging through the Alphabet series is on the letter U.

Today is Dr. Seuss's birthday.   My favorite Dr. Seuss tale is the environmental allegory  The Lorax.

That means it's a perfect day to share some Upcycled Crafts!  Upcycling is simple.  It's repurposing materials that would otherwise be considered unuseable. Something we are always looking for something different to repurpose are cans.  Celia and Damien's formula powder comes in metal cans, and when you go through two or three each day, you start to lose creative steam quickly.  Here are five crafts that look like a fun way to repurpose any can.

1.  The base of a windsock.

  A tin can windsock from Teaching Mama

can windsock
2.   Tin Can Luminaries

There are tons of ideas out there, from freehanded designs to patterns.  This tutorial from Creative Homemaking is one of my favorites because of how clear it is.

tin can luminaries

3. Musical instruments

Drums are always popular. How about a set of bongos, like these from Big Thoughts, Big Noise: Creative Kids Charity?

tin can and balloon drums

4.  A Bird Feeder

I've seen lots of these on Pinterest, but this one from Plum Adorable is...well, just plum adorable!

can bird feeders

5. This last one is one we've made.  You can decorate it for any holiday by changing up the paint or ribbons.  Jude, Damien and I made these Mother's Day Planters last spring. 

planters from upcycled cans

"It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become."
-Dr. Seuss

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