Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Proactive in Practice - Week 1

Proactive in Practice: 52 Weeks to a Better Planned Life

Last week, I wrote about how my "theme" word for 2014 was going to be "Proactive."

This week, my friend Cristi reminded me about the challenge another fellow crew member made: for bloggers to create a 52-week series.  It would be a commitment to weekly post about anything - favorites, memories, crafts - the sky was the limit.

And since I tend to run around like Chicken Little dodging bits of falling sky, I figured that sharing about ways I'm putting "Be Proactive" into practice was a good topic to talk about all year.  I'm going to share what I'm doing to become more proactive in my life.   I can't guarantee what will work for me will work for you.  I can't even guarantee what I do will work for me!  But I'm hoping this will not only keep me motivated but also help someone else find their way out from under the rubble.

So are you ready?  In the immortal words of our little chicken here:

Today is a new day.

Chicken Little

The first thing that I'm doing is WRITING THINGS DOWN.

Proactive in Practice: Write It Down

Yes, I know that I've crossed off Number 3 and not Number 1 on my To-do list.  I'll get to a more prioritized to-do list eventually.   Right now, I'm working on writing down things I need to accomplish, rather than saying "Oh yeah, I'll remember."  Because guess what?  I won't remember. My brain isn't even a sieve. It's a spaghetti colander -- BIG holes.  At the moment, it's numbered because I need to pretend there's some order to it, but it's really more of a random "Oh, I need to..." and "I probably ought to remember to..." scribbling, rather than a logical "accomplish in this order" list.

(Plus, the third thing I remembered I needed to do required Neal, and he was handy then.  I figured better to work out of order than miss my chance before he left to run errands.)

I'm also working on some blogging things too.  You can see my list on the center sheet that's been "quartered."  I've got a few reviews in the pipeline that need writing and are marked down, and some "Do this in the next 24 hours" things to do, too.  (They're the ones marked with asterisks.)  I also have another section for "ideas for future posts" and already a couple of ideas jotted down.    I'm not certain the quartered-paper thing is going to work out, but at the moment, it's all written down and not dependent on my memory.

One week at a time, I'm going to get things under control.  I hope you'll join me on each week as I share my journey.

PS - Cristi's 52-week series is called "A Word of Encouragement to Start the Week."  Go visit her and find your inspiration! 

Chicken Little image credit:  Disney-Clip Art.com

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  1. Great start! I love your baby steps. I have post-it to-dos all over my desk! Thanks for linking up with the Hearts for Home blog hop.

  2. This is great! I like the 52 week series idea too. :-)

  3. Oh, I love the idea to continue blogging about your word for the year all year! What a great way to keep yourself focused and accountable! Looking forward to seeing your progress this year, and thanks for linking up and mentioning the linky. :) Blessings!


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