Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Month of Gratitude - Day 24 (Answered Prayers)

 Sometimes, we ask for big things.  This morning, I was praying something small.  Minnow-sized, to be exact.

After a long drive Friday and Saturday, we went to bed early last night.  That meant we were up with the sunrise today.

 Before the sun was fully up, Celia and I were on the beach.  She wanted to go hunting for shells.

All around in the water were breakfasting birds.  They'd fly up, glide, and then swoop into the water with a splash!  Up each came with a minnow in his mouth.

Celia decided she wanted to use her shell net to catch a fish.  She waded out a little, and then stood very still.

I thought this was going to take a while.  And I still hadn't had any coffee yet.  I said a short prayer, "Lord, please, just one fish so she will be happy, and we can go in."

Less than a minute later, I heard a squeal and my name:  "MOM!!! I GOT ONE!"

Meet Bob.  Everybody say "Hi."  I have no idea what kind of fish Bob is, other than he is small, has a translucent tail, and lives in the shallows of the Gulf of Mexico.  (Based on Matthew's science homework from last week, I'm guessing he is some kind of minnow.)

(Update: According to Google, Bob is likely a glass minnow. )

After a chit-chat with Bob, he went off to do whatever he had planned for the day (I assume "Avoid the birds" was pretty high on his to-do list)...

...and one happy girl and one thankful Mama headed in for breakfast.

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  1. How wonderful! I love when God shows us how much he cares about our little ones and the "little things" that bless them!


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