Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Month of Gratitude - Day 10 (Groceries)

With five kids in the house, it seems like the grocery list never ends.  By the time we get a food order put away, we realize there is something we didn't realize we needed.

Tonight, we went grocery shopping. On one hand, I joke that I'm not sure two carts' worth of food will last us 10 days.  (When you have five kids and two are teen/almost teen boys, NOTHING lasts long.)  On the other hand, I know we are very blessed that if we run short, we can go to the store and get more.  Sure, we work sales and coupons, shop carefully to get the best value, and sometimes have to re-budget elsewhere if the food allotment goes over, but in the end, if we need something, we generally can get it.

Tonight, I'm grateful that we have groceries.

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