Thursday, September 5, 2013

An adventure to find God's glory.

Jude slowed down for the summer, but still did a bit of work, and Luke started in almost as soon as school let out last year. (He would like to do only 3-4 days each week, but that means putting in time during the summer to be able to have 3-day weekends the rest of the time.) Today was back-to-school day for Matthew & Celia, so it was our first "official" day for the 2013-14 year.

 First Day!

Luke, Grade 10                                                                   Matthew, Grade 7

 Celia, Grade 4


Jude, Grade 1                                                                    Damien, PK-3


At the welcome prayer service for Matthew and Celia's school, there was a visiting pastor leading the prayer.  Pastor Hill shared a Bible verse that he wanted us to remember, and to bring to fruition:

Last year, we didn't have a "Verse for the Year" for our homeschool.  Rather, we took to heart St. Francis DeSales admonition, "Do not look forward in fear."  This verse from Proverbs will be  our reflection for this school year  We should be like kings, and work toward understanding our world, knowing that all things - from the hugely obvious things like beautiful weather for a field trip to the seemingly insignificant increasing the ability to hop on one foot by just one hop - are treasures God has concealed for us to find.  What an adventure this year will be, finding all of God's glory!

Teach Beside Me Scripture and Snapshot

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