Monday, July 1, 2013

Schoolhouse Planners - GIVEAWAY!!! July 1-8, 2013

I'm the first to admit, I'm a paper person.  I know that the green thing is to use electronic calendars and planners, but I'm too visual.  I need to see what is going on, all laid out.  I tried to use my phone and double booked too many times.  My family jokes that my day planner is our new "Family Bible" - don't do anything without consulting it first!  That's why I love the Schoolhouse Planners  -- they're the best of both worlds!  Editable PDF files for those that want to keep things in their computer, and printable for us paper folk. There are five planners in all:

Schoolhouse Teachers Big Mama Planner

The largest is the $39.00 "Big Mama" planner.  It's not just for homeschooling moms. It include calendars and listmaker templates, but also pre-made lists containing grammar and spelling rules, the Periodic Table, lists of Presidents, etc. - the things we always need to Google to make sure we have correct when helping our children, making it perfect for ANY mama involved in her child's education. Plus, there are templates for household chore charts, meal planning and groceries - things you can use to keep your home running smoothly.

But don't think Mom is the only one who needs to keep themselves organized and inspired.  Schoolhouse Planners has created four "Student Planners" to help your children learn to organize themselves:

Schoolhouse Teachers Special Learners Planner

First (and my favorite) is the Special Learners Planner ($29.00).  It includes articles written by special needs experts, forms for IEPs, medical/therapy forms, food and behavior diaries, etc.  It also includes customizable calendar forms, to help your student take as much responsibility for himself as he is able. 

Schoolhouse Teachers Primary Student Planner

 The Primary Planner ($9.95) is geared to younger students.  It contains articles written for them, resources such as a booklist of Caldecott Award winners, multiplication tables, and animal classification charts.  It helps your youngest students organize themselves.

Schoolhouse Teachers Intermediate Student Planner

The Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner ($19.00) helps your older students begin to learn time management skills and become more independent.  Along with calendar and organization sections, the planner contains articles to inspire them.

High School Planner

Finally, the High School Planner ($29.00) helps your oldest students bridge from student to adult.  With inspiring articles, planning sheets for high school and college goals and independent study report, this planner helps your child be ready to enter adulthood confidently.

They are available from in two ways.  If you purchase a membership to ($3 for the first month, then $12.95/month thereafter OR a one-time charge of $139), the planners are FREE with your paid membership.  Yes, ALL of them!  If you have multiple levels of students, that alone will make a membership nearly pay for itself!  Don't forget all the OTHER great stuff that comes with a membership, including 37 Teacher-led Studies and 19 daily Unit Studies.  (We use the site in our homeschool daily - you can read our review here.) 

There's one more way you can get a Schoolhouse Planner.  I know every Mama is looking for a great deal these days - so how about a chance at two free planners? Schoolhouse Planners has graciously offered my readers the opportunity to win one Big Mama Planner and the Student planner of your choice.  That's a guaranteed $39 value,  PLUS up to $29 more.  The winner will be chosen on July 8th, so enter now!

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  1. The hardest thing about being organized for me is getting started!

  2. Jessica CharlestonJuly 3, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    The hardest thing for me about getting organized is actually staying organized!


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