Thursday, July 4, 2013

First Day - July 2013

We spent last weekend in Boston, and expected to come home on the 30th.  Thanks to the seemingly endless thunderstorms in Philadelphia, our flight was cancelled and we were rebooked on a flight home on July first.   We got two bonuses - an extra night in Boston and the chance to do the Sunset Harbor Cruise that we didn't have time for the other nights, AND much more exciting first day pictures.  Let's face it, the tops of the clouds are way cooler than anything my cat can do!

Happy July!

Packing up at the Mariott Longwharf Ready to leave

Last view of Boston Harbor

Longwharf, Boston Harbor, MA


Reflection in the window

Boston Logan T station

Waiting for our plane, Boston Logan Airport

Our plane!

Pre-flight inspection

US Airways Boston Logan to Philadelphia International - yay!

Above the clouds

Welcome home

Welcome to Philadelphia

Finally home!

But it's MY toy!

Future Harvard Freshman!  I'm not givng up on this kid!

First Day at Journey to Josie

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