Friday, April 26, 2013

Take your child to work day (F is for Falciani Farmers' Package Supply)

This week included  "Take Your Child to Work" day.  Celia and Matthew stayed home to spend a day shadowing both Dad and Mom.  Celia spent the morning with Dad at our family's business, and Matthew stayed with Mom.  They switched at lunchtime.

Celia's day started early.  She got to help Daddy open up the warehouse, but they had to be there by about quarter to seven.

opening the gate opening the gate

Dad found plenty of things for her to do.  She helped move the trucks out into the yard (ok, she just rode along, and Dad did the driving), and tried out the paper shredder.   She also helped load the truck for Uncle Scott to do a delivery.

shredding paper

She left Dad a note when the kids swapped places.

thank you note to Daddy

Matthew thought he was getting off easy by staying home.  After all, what does Mom do all day?  She doesn't work.  Boy, was he in for a rude awakening.

Usually after coming back from school drop off, Jude gets a little bit of free time to play before we start schoolwork.  That gives me time to gather up any materials, and gulp down a few sips of coffee.  So Matthew was thinking, "This is easy."

Then I put my "teacher hat" on,  Jude started his lessons, and suddenly Matthew found himself work!  *gasp*


After that, he helped straighten up the house, make lunch for the little boys, and clean up.    He was ready for Dad to come get him.

By the time Celia came home, I was in the middle of printing several documents.  She helped me with the printer, babysitting it and feeding it more paper when it was empty.  She also learned how to use the comb binder and put one of Jude's new Math textbooks together. 
binding textbooks

After about 300 pages of printing, I gave the printer a break.  We went outside for a while to enjoy the day.  Celia helped me plant some strawberry plants in the garden, then pushed her brother on the swings.

planting strawberries
 watering strawberry plants

Meanwhile, Matthew got put to work at the Warehouse.  He started by sweeping out empty trailers.

sweeping trucks
 sweeping the trailer

Then he got to do a bit of inventory.  Neal had him counting soft- and hard-bottom bushel baskets -- he had to count how many in a stack, how many stacks, and then multiply to get a final count.

bushel baskets

When it came time to close up, he got to ride shotgun to put the trucks away (even though he climbed into the driver's seat at first!) and close up the buildings.

Trucker Matthew

closing up

The "office" day was over, but Celia discovered there's always work to be done -- she pulled KP duty and helped me make dinner.  She was in charge of moving the trays of bacon.


Both enjoyed their day seeing what Neal and I do while they're in school.

blogging through the alphabet

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