Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Day - February 2013

Snowy clipper, starting right as it was time to take the big kids to school.  Of course. 

 Then race home for school with the little boys. 

iXL - Jude's favorite computer site.   

ONE finger on the track pad.  Just one.

 "Take away one."

 Arts and Crafts!!

Chomp, turn.  Chomp, turn.

Coloring.   Green marker for Jude...

Green dabber for Damien.

Damien's froggie.

Cleaning up.  Thank goodness for washable ink.

Still coloring.

Jude the frog.

My lunch date.  Half day means doctor appointment scheduled for after school.

Heading to the hospital cafeteria - Matthew wanted Jello.  I found Scentsy.  Plus, a fundraiser for the hospital.  Plus, found out the Scentsy lady is a relative of Matthew and Celia's classmates.  
How can I not?

Post-errand pretzel.  Because it's been two hours since he last ate.

Matthew took this as we drove across the bridge and headed home.  

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  1. Meg - You do such a nice job with the kids! I love your blog and love reading about all your homeschool adventures! :-)


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