Sunday, January 27, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Again

Five Minute Friday is a blog meme where a writer sets a timer for five minutes, and starts writing.  Timer done? Post done. 

 This week's theme: Again.  Go.

A typical phonics lesson:

Me: What is this letter?

J:   Uh...

Me: Ok, what sound does this make?

J:  Buh.  Buh buh buh.

Me: Right. Buh.  What letter makes a "buh" sound?

J: I know, I know. Let me do it.  D.

Me: No, B.  B says buh.  Like buhbuhbuhbuhbuhboy.

J: Right. I know.

Me: Ok, what does this letter say?

J:  . It's a EH-Ssssssssss! Like a 'nake.

Me:  SSSSSSSS-nake.  Right! Good Job!

 How about this one?


Me: Good.  Let's try this one again.

Jude: B!  That's B!

Me: Right!  What sound does B make?

Jude: Uh...wait, I know.  puh. puh puh puh.

Me: No, P says puh. B says Buh.

J: I know that.

Me: How about this one?

J: K.  Kuh Kuh Kuh, K.

Me: Right.  This one?

J: B!  It's says.....I know....DUH!

Someday we'll get these letters straight, and I'll feel a little less like I've fallen into a remake of Groundhog Day.   On any given day, Jude knows about two-thirds of the alphabet.  The question of the day is always "Which two-two thirds?"  It probably isn't same part he knew yesterday, or what he will remember tomorrow when we try this yet...again.


Thanks to Lisa-Jo for the prompt and hosting!

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Ha! I don't homeschool, but I do lose my voice doing homework with my special needs daughter! Found you through Five Minute Friday. My best friend has an autistic boy named Jude.


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