Monday, December 10, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - December 10

Another week closer to the end of the  I think this year just keeps on picking up speed!

Last week went pretty well...
-Blog, blog, blog.  Got several posts done.

The Review Crew blog post was completed the night before -- yay. 

I also got M for Mickey posted, along with posts about Jude's favorite breakfast (Ketchup toast) and  how we are observing Advent. 

-The ever popular lesson plans.

We are organized for the rest of the year!  Woo hoo!!  Ok, so that's really only the next three weeks, but that's OK.  It *sounds* good, right??? 

-Finish this Math chapter.

Not done.  We lost most of last week to sickness -- apparently there is no substitute on call when Mom is sick!  We will finish it this week, and then hold off on a new unit until the new year.  Instead of starting something new, we'll do some online work next week -- Jude enjoys the program at  iXL, so we'll do that.  (It also provides a way to assess him against the core standards for the State.  While NJ is supposedly a state with very liberal laws and almost no oversight, I feel better knowing he's "proven" he can do what his peers can, at least in one area.  Plus I can print out nifty little certificates for him to hang on the corkboard with the other kids' show-off stuff.)

-Decide what kind of Christmas Break Jude is going to have. 

Playing this one by ear.  If we are home and looking for something to do, then we'll do some arts and crafts, etc.; otherwise, I think we're going to just enjoy the holiday and play with what Santa brings. January will be here soon enough!

-Call some of the local kid-friendly places and find out when the quiet times are.

Did not get to this.  However, since our days are planned for the rest of the month, we can revisit this one in January.  Between school, preparing for Christmas, and doctor's appointments, it's going to be busy enough.  
This week's to do list: Get ready for Christmas.  The goal is to stick to the lesson plan so we don't have any unfinished work hanging over our heads!

Set your own goals and join the party over at Real Life: Unscripted.

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