Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jude's Favorite Things

Our next stop as we Blog through the Alphabet is F: Jude's Favorite Things. The daily writing journal we use has prompts that often ask Jude what his favorite things are.  Some I already knew - his favorite foods, judging by the grocery list, and his favorite color -  but he has surprised me with some things. 

Favorite color: Blue

This is not new to anybody who knows Jude.  He loves everything blue.  The blue crayons get used so quickly that we bought him boxes of Crayolas that have only blue crayons.  (I think that was the best surprise the "Package Man" could have delivered.)  He nearly had a meltdown in Lenscrafters until we found new blue frames for glasses - the blue ones he was wearing had broken beyond repair. He eats only two fruits: applesauce and blueberries.  He will not eat strawberries or black berries or "purple and green berries" (grapes), only BLUE berries. 

 For his birthday, he asked for a blue cake, with blue frosting. Multicolor sprinkles were OK, because there were blue ones mixed in.

When you are the birthday boy, you get what you want, right?

Favorite toy: iPad. Go nowhere without it.  (How to get him to sit still at the hospital? Plug the iPad in.  He won't move farther away from the wall than the cord will go.)  I have to admit, he is better at navigating apps than I am.  He watches his share of videos, but one thing he likes is to look for Disney videos on YouTube.  We've overheard him happily watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in German, House of Mouse in Greek,  and Donald Duck speaking in French.  I guess pratfalls are silly in any language!

Team Umizoomi

Favorite TV show:  I would have guessed anything on Disney Junior, but he says he likes Team Umizoomi best.  This doesn't surprise me too much - he loves shapes and patterns, so Geo and Mili are destined to be his friends. 

Favorite food: Tie between Ketchup Toast and Hot Dogs

Ketchup toast is exactly what it sounds like.  Instead of butter or jam, Jude likes his toast slathered in ketchup.  Ketchup toast is only a morning food, though, never to be eaten after lunch.

Hot dogs are a lunch or dinner food. He sometimes tries to get us to make him a hot dog for breakfast, but settles for...ketchup toast.  (It's about all I can stomach making in the morning. When he is tall enough to reach the microwave, he can make his own breakfast.) 

Favorite thing on the playground: Swings

He can't propel himself yet - he understands the kick out/kick back concept but can't coordinate the timing AND both feet in tandem.  As long as there is somebody to push him, you can find him heading right for the swings.

 Jude & Damien in the back yard


Cape May County Park
This is a bucket seat that has a rotating movement as you sway your body

The swing at Can-Do Playground at Alapocas Park, Wilminton DE.  
This is Jude's Favorite because the harness provides extra sensory input.

We have another tie for favorites.  Jude's favorite STORY is "Ness and Neka" (or officially, My Little Pet Dragon), which we read during our Evening Routine.  However, since it's an e-book, as far as he is concerned, it is only a *story.*  His favorite BOOK is If You Give a Dog a Donut. He loves using the pictures to tell me the story, and then I read the text to him.  Sometimes he tells me the "correct" story, and sometimes he makes up a new one to go along with the pictures.

Jude has just started singing songs. We could be anywhere, and you suddenly hear a little voice sing "Old Mac Donald had a farm, EEEEE-AAAAAYY...." or "Row, row, row your boat..." But Jude's first and favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."  He sometimes misses words, but he puts plenty of oomph into the words that come out.

The next few favorites are from our Journal as well. 

Jude likes snowmen, which explains why he likes winter.  I'm not sure why giraffes are his favorite animal, and neither is he. When asked "Why do you like giraffes?" his response is, "I just do."

Because hearts are for loving people.  

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  1. Oh my, he is adorable!! We used to live in the Cape May area so I kinda remember the park. 8-)

  2. He is so so cute. I have to admit that I gagged a little at ketchup toast...but to each his own ;)


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