Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome to Kindergarten

Jude had most of the summer off like his big sibs -- we did a little work here and there, but mostly the summer was so busy that anything "formal" fell to the wayside. I also took the summer to retool what we were doing. Most of our plans for fall stayed the same - our plans for Math and daily Bible study are the same, and we are continuing along with the Explode/Explore the Code series. The major change was we re-tooled the Five-in-a-Row plan to be more thematic. Jude was getting restless at reading the same book every day, so instead I've decided to pick a concept for each week and then we will read a book/do an activity that goes with that idea. Since today started the 2012-13 school year for the big kids, we decided to make it our Official First Day of Kindergarten.

When we took the other kids' pictures, he decided to hide, thinking if he didn't get his picture taken, he didn't have to start school.  Nice try!

 Having taken so much time off, we started off with an easy review. For Math we worked in a supplemental workbook, and did pages on matching the First through Fifth place runners with their medals, and then sorting "which shape doesn't belong."

Jude wanted to try something new -- the subtraction page I had intentionally skipped. To my surprise, he breezed right through it. He really has a very analytical mind and enjoys numbers.

We reviewed letters from Explore the Code Book A, and practiced writing some sight words that use those letters.

Our "Some-a-Day" project is a mini book of the Lord's Prayer. We have been working on learning that for a little while number. Some days are easier than others; one night he refused to pray for "Daily Bread" and instead requested "Ketchup Toast," since he liked that better. He was excited to color the page for "On earth, as it is in heaven" since that picture used his two favorite colors, blue and green.

We also got in some scissor work! He's still shaky there, but now is able to use "real" scissors and not  the spring-loaded OT-style ones. Go Jude!  (Just don't cut your hair like your sister, OK?)

Today was only a short day, since the big kids had half days themselves. We seemed to spend most of the day in and out of the car! Big brother Luke also had a physical therapy appointment so we took "Art" on the road and drew on the giant chalk board in the waiting room. Jude drew the road from our house to duPont, complete with "spension bridge" (Delaware Memorial Bridge, a twin-span suspension style bridge) and a helicopter flying to the hospital helipad. He did a great job drawing Mom driving the car--stick figure representations are very slimming.

We have lots planned for the next few weeks - getting into our new books, starting our Parish/Homeschool CCD program, and if schedules and weather hold, maybe some field trips. Kindergarten is going to be a fun time...follow us on our Adventure!

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