Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taking the show on the road

Damien had Occupational Therapy this morning. It is definitely a place we needed to be, but threw a wrench into what has become our "normal" schedule. Thank you, flexibility.

We got to the therapy unit a little early, so we had time to play in the waiting area for a little while. One benefit of being treated at a pediatric facility is there are lots of kid-fun but educational things around.

First, we played with a magnet table. On this particular one, there are several boats with magnets, encased in a glass top table. They can be moved by bringing a magnet to them, UNDER the table, and sliding the magnet along the table. Tricky for coordination, as you have to coordinate movement under the table with visuals from above. Jude has always enjoyed this, but is just getting proficient at maneuvering the boats. Mental review of our daily goal: gross/fine motor interactions, check.

Next up, chalkboard. It's not often that he is allowed to play on the chalkboard there. Usually it is because he manages to get more chalk on him and his clothes there (and the chalk they have does NOT come out), and, more importantly, the dust aggravates his asthma. Today was a perfect aligning of events - old shirt and early enough appointment that he was the first artist. Next to cross off our list: writing activity.

He decided he also wanted me to draw with him. I mentally ticked off "shapes" (he drew a house: rectangle dwelling with arched door and rectangular windows) and "patterns" (he and I drew alternating pink/purple windows).

During Damien's appointment, we played a few quick games of Memory on the iPad (counted them as identification and recall practice, plus technology), and read an audiobook story.

When we got home, he insisted on doing his regular work, too. I'm glad we did it, because doing our normal activities at an odd time allowed me to see some things he struggled with (especially when he was tired). However, it was great to not feel compelled to sit at the table, as if he had "missed" a day of lessons. Just because we were not at home did not mean he wasn't learning--a good lesson for me to see.

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