Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Luke, Class of 2019

Luke never expected to be homeschooled, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise once he got to college.  After a gap year, he registered at our local community college. Because he already had three years' worth of experience with online classes, his advisor signed off on him talking online-only courses right from the beginning. He was happy to be able to spend his time working and studying, not commuting to the other side of the county. 

For his first two semesters, he decided to ease into college life, registering for part-time status.  Once he had his feet under him, he just kept going.  Starting with the Spring 2018 Semester, he plowed through the graduation requirements, even taking summer courses during our busy season to be able to graduate within his goal of "on time" and earning his Associates' Degree within two academic years.

I am very proud to say he did reach his goal and graduated this spring with his AS in Business.

Congratulations, Luke!

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